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Divi Courses

Divi Courses

Learn everything you need to know to decide what system or style is best for each unique application. Learn the methods, experiment and dig in real deep for some conceptual and theoretical modeling.

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Dozens of Books of Instruction

Simple Copper Coils and Spirals

Beginner • 3 hrs

The easiest way to introduce a conduit for atmospheric electricity and athereal forces. The copper spiral, coil, or solenoid.

More Complex  Copper Arrangements

Beginner • 12 Hrs

Just like we see in radio antenna design, unique features and characteristics enhance antenna performance. Adding piezoelectircal elements, bifilar coil, ankhs, and many varieties of spirals and sizes,

Antenna Systems 

Intermediate • 18 Hrs

Antennas are simple in their breakdown, one just has to understand basic physics, and electrical properties. Electrical laws are the governing force of all facets of existence. They often get different labels but the formulas are always the same.


Duration: 4 Months

This part  is the most challenging, the installation of galvanized, or copper wire into the ground. Done right it’s a set it, and forget it feature. The (+) ions being drawn towards (-) ground provide for a trickle path that will exist so long as it’s all connected. This free trickle of ions is converted into soil nitrogen by bacteria. Free food forever.

Water Systems

Intermediate • 24 Hrs

The ram pump is making a come back, learn how to pump water uphill with no power, irrigation systems, and other modern watering supply methods for growing.

Consultation & Installation

Expert • 8 Hrs

Our worldwide team provides consultation and intallation services in the hardest to reaches places. It takes one to know one. Want to speak with experts, you have to learn how to think like one. This course goes into depth on professional conduct ethics, biology, and the many subjects of knowledge required to deploy electroculture with the most effect.

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First there was one pickle, then there were two.

And before I knew it the basket it grew. 

The nutrient rich sustenance not yet in its jar.

Behold, a dill head, and garlic grew not too far.

The lesson is not in the pickle, but when one becomes two.

Anything is possible, with me and with you!


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Life is busy and we learn in tik tok shorts. We get it, and so will you. Everything at your finger tips, no needing to spend hours looking for one answer. It’s all under one roof, here. Welcome  home.

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100+ Interactive Courses

Courses to cover the variety of fundementals required for expert level rhetoric.

Video Tutorials

Simple, effective, and easy on the eyes. We’re going to have a video for you, because reading provides its challenges that a video can overcome.

New Monthly Content

A whole team taking part for one journey. Everyone take a position and fill in where you see fit.

Diagrams & Schematics

Granular details drawings, complex schematics, we have them all. And if we don’t we will.

Mobile App

100’s of antenna types, pictures, plants, gardens all at the slide of your finger.

Development Courses

We are all here to grow, everyone needs help somewhere. We are a team, and were here to help you!

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All Access Pass

All Access Pass

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Igor Landry

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Kason Espinosa

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