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Team ⚡ Electro Presents:

Solar Powered Electroculture

Will it work?

Solar Panel Produces Electrons

We know plant beneficial bacteria feeds on various sources including electrons. Pumping a steady stream of low voltage direct current could have beneficial results. Is there a risk for too much voltage? Experiments will be needed to verify the efficacy of this proposal, but I suspect that we could go as high as 48V.

In The Air or On The Ground

The solar system can be installed much closer to the ground than a typical atmospheric antenna for electroculture.

Easy Install, Easy Maintanence

A solar powered system could likely be added to an already existing electroculture antenna system.


Re-Emergence of Electroculture

The Future is the Past

There are thousands of new technologies since US Department of Agriculture decided Electroculture was not for Americans. Obviously, they lied. Americans, all people of the realm love large fresh produce. It’s a no brainer. And now we know we can’t trust the purported self appointed authorities, because we know they don’t play the game for We The People of the land, but they play for those whom seek to control us.  Game over infiltrated seditionists, we know your game.

How it Works


The most important part or form of soil for plants is the humus, where all the substances needed by the plants are in their most bioavailable form, ready to be assimilated by the roots. Humus is made by aerobic bacteria that lives in the soil. This bacterium breathes oxygen and eats organic debris, fallen leaves and branches, excrement, dead bodies, etc. Aerobic bacteria digest organic debris and convert it into nitrogen rich humus, which feeds the plants.

– Carlos A. Gotz

The Charged Garden

1. First step

Electrons attached to ions begin to dissipate off the distribution lines.

2. Second step

Aerobic bacteria feed on them producing soil nitrogen.

3. Third step

Plants have a constant and consistent stream of nutrition, producing hearty yields.

Solar Powered & Atmospheric Electricity

Technology bundle for an all in one antenna that will do it all.


Currently we are in the design stage.


We predict to be out of the experimental stage just as electroculture begins to hit the streets.

Our Team

We aim to serve the needs of the electroculture community.

By now we have all realized that we need to work together to keep the momentum of our future a viable and sustainable enterprise. We need to contribute our talents collectively, spread the knowledge and the love. When we all stand up together, nothing can stand in our way.

Long Useful Life

Antennas designed with durability in mind.

Organic Growth

No Fertilizer, No Pesticides

Larger Crop Yields

Increase crop yields by up to 300%

Antenna for Every Garden

Form, Function, Flexibility

Folks we are so close we can almost taste the energy. There is much work ahead, but everyday we draw closer to our goals of providing for the realms electroculture needs.


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