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GEA System

Graphene Electroculture Antenna


While everyone is figuring out which way to twist what, and what kind of copper or brass form is best for the garden, I though we’d kick it up a bit here and Team⚡Electro.

At the end of the day, at the base of the Electroculture phenomenon lies our little buddy ELECTRON hanging out with his pal the atmospheric ION, making their way down our antennas to feed our pals in the soil a constant stream of God’s good loving.

If that there is the good magic, let’s give them ions a place to call home on their level, at their size. IONS will attract to points, when those points avail themselves via our antennas. Our typical antenna has many points and pathways for these ions to collect on.

The new design incorporates a nano product called Graphene, which has thousands of points for ions to collect on at their level! If increased ion collection is what we want, then graphene exponentially increases this capacity.

“Sky Dragon”

Our platform for deployment of the initial tests will be a 16′ weather balloon extended to the length of our initial conductor and string for balloon. Reading will be measured at each height until the maximum of our string/conductor combo is achieved.

Modern Electroculture Periodical

Solar Powered Electroculture

Team ⚡ Electro Presents:Solar Powered ElectrocultureWill it work?Solar Panel Produces ElectronsWe know plant beneficial bacteria feeds on various sources including electrons. Pumping a steady stream of low voltage direct current could have beneficial results. Is there...

Permaculture IS Electroculture

About Us We are the stewards of Earth.The Promise of Electroculture Modern Electroculture antennas can now fulfill two important roles in agriculture, feeding the soil, and providing a steady stream of usable DC current irrespective of the weather conditions, position...

Electrons, Dogs, & Paramagnetic Antenna

ElectrOnWhy do we love to hug the fluffy dog?The soil and it's inhabitants call out for the air, they call out for the electric potential difference of the dipolarity of the predicated case of all existence. If there was no dipolarity, there would be no motion, no...

Recipe – Pickles

You have to start with smaller to medium size cukes. Even these in the image are bigger than i'd like. I didn't realize they were going to pop after 4 weeks. Get them washed real good and set aside. 3 Garlic Cloves 3 Bay Leaves 3 Heads of Dill 1 tsp. of Gorczyca Biala...

Audels Electric Library

AudelsVol 1Psuedoscience may now exit the stage, say hello to my little friend " Audels Electric Library." The doubts, the dependency of FB dribble and con artists can now be dispelled. If  you have nail, this book drops the hammer. You better hold on, and take this...

Atmospheric Electricity

Electroculture IS Atmospheric Electricity Read below what occultist Richard Feynman reveals about atmospheric electricity. How about, the dipole being the source of INFINITE energy. Electroculture IS Aetheric Anergy

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