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The Promise of Electroculture

Modern Electroculture antennas can now fulfill two important roles in agriculture, feeding the soil, and providing a steady stream of usable DC current irrespective of the weather conditions, position of the sun or moon, or inclement weather. Rather, in inclement weather the systems provide significant increases in power, particularly on the working end. The use of nano technologies which provide much better points for ions to collect and therefore distribute, are about to revolutionize our whole world with products like Graphene; a graphite based nanotech that will reduce our dependency and demand of raw resources such as copper or wood. It’s application to Electroculture is yet to be introduced to the community, and it will essentially act like thousands upon thousands of Electroculuture antennas in an 1 oz. package, easily deployed into trees or via balloons or existing structures.

The antennas will have immediate DC readouts on any multimeter once reaching the potential threshold. No more wondering if it’s working or how much. You’ll have a definitive read out anywhere in your distribution system, provided you are using one.
Electroculture is just a part of an overall land management system of permaculture, and the size of it’s role rests solely in the hands of educating the public, farmers, gardeners, and anyone who wants to benefit from a steady stream of raw DC current right from the air.
The Electroculture antennas have applications in just about every outdoor field, including but not limited to:

Permaculture IS Electroculture

Pretty strong statement right there, by the end of this article you will undoubtly agree with me. The case could be made that if Permaculture is the ultimate care of soil, and Electroculture is also about feeding soil then the two are already inherently tied and Electroculture needs only to take it’s place in the lexicon and the entirety of agriculture, forestry and dendrology.


Replanting & Transplanting

Long Term Root Care


Recovery of Sensitive Areas

Environmental Reconditioning


Active Living Soil

Constant Self Regulating Feeding 


Reduce Demand For Timber

Positive Feed Back


Antenna Soil is Rich in Worms

Graphene The Future is NOW

Let’s examine some examples of each, so that you can see they are all linked by soil, and that’s exactly what Electroculture addresses.


“The majority believes that everything hard to comprehend must be very profound. This is incorrect. What is hard to understand is what is immature, unclear and often false. The highest wisdom is simple and passes through the brain directly into the heart.”  V.Schauberger

Arboriculture. An old tree, a landmark tree as important to a community as it’s history; with an Electroculture Antenna it can be trickle fed ions into the roots, helping to deliver important nutrients while reducing pests. The idea is to save the tree, and an important part in it’s maintenance by an arborist.


In permaculture land management, the overall picture must always be in sight so as to contribute to the positive feed back of the entire ecosystem. By providing sources of power that have no emissions, whilst elimininating our toxic need for fertilizer, Electroculture Antennas will play a huge role in land development, starting today! No more waiting for scientists to figure out how to save the Earth. Their all fired, they all work for the Bankers, and will never actually release technologies to heal the planet. That’s ridiculous.

Silviculture, again, relates to land management of Forests and its timber use, which all sits on soil. The ancients didn’t go placing their giant paramagnetic antennas everywhere for their good looks, they placed them for tuning in and becoming in harmony with nature, abundance of health in humans and plants including trees.

Vermiculture is dealing with worms, and using worms to make great living soil for plants. Well, what do we have an abundance of in every Electroculture garden? You guessed it, worms. Worms as big as gardner snakes. Electroculture process of electrolysis in the soil drives out the pests and invites the beneficials.

Horticulture is basically gardening and landscaping, that all needs good living soil, just another beneficiary of a Electroculture Antenna. No more fertilizing or pesticide spraying needed. Pests are gone and the nutrients are streaming in abundance right from your antenna.

Dendrology is the botanical study of trees and woody plants, and just like any other plant they depend on healthy soil, well balanced, nutrient rich. If great trees are desired, then an Electroculture Antenna should be deployed. With modern systems DC current can be drawn right out of the ground.

Forestry is vested in every one of these important studies and practices towards the resources given to us for their care, and use. Foresters are often the voice of the forest to the public, and an important part of education. Electroculture antennas can be deployed off grid with balloons, and by storing the charge in capacitors, provide power in any location at any time. Power can now be collected in any remote location, stored, distributed and used without a single emission.

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