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Why do we love to hug the fluffy dog?

Natures Antennas

The soil and it’s inhabitants call out for the air, they call out for the electric potential difference of the dipolarity of the predicated case of all existence. If there was no dipolarity, there would be no motion, no life as Forester Schauburger reminds us in his epic work on the implosive case of nature.


Electrons play an essential role in numerous physical phenomena, such as electricitymagnetismchemistry, and thermal conductivity; they also participate in gravitationalelectromagnetic, and weak interactions.[16] Since an electron has charge, it has a surrounding electric field; if that electron is moving relative to an observer, the observer will observe it to generate a magnetic field. Electromagnetic fields produced from other sources will affect the motion of an electron according to the Lorentz force law. Electrons radiate or absorb energy in the form of photons when they are accelerated. Laboratory instruments are capable of trapping individual electrons as well as electron plasma by the use of electromagnetic fields.


Good Balance

Humans are conductors carrying a electric field, once you get that, you will understand how important the role of electrons plays in your life, and how to make sure you are constantly charged up!

How to loose them.

Riding on your motorcycle with your t-shirt will knock them right off. Interestingly, on a jet ski the effect is lessened by the spray and dimagnetic energy of the water. Wind, generally wind will knock them off. Energy vampires and toxic relationships have this effect.

Hot to get them.

Your dogs hair are paramagnetic antennas, and when they run around they collect electrons. Hugging them is always a recharge effect because it transfers immediately. C’mon, you have to admit hugging your pup is a great feeling.

Lots of electrons = great health!

For you and the plants. Some people naturally have alot of conductance and storage capacity for electrons. People can be incredibly magnetic and charming or completely annoying; talk about dipolarity!

  ions & electrons to the dirt

(-) & (+) dirt calls these electrons down from the 600v EQ line, giving the bacteria a never ending buffet, who kindly convert it to soil nitrogen. Also, dirt becomes a heaven for earth worms and other beneficials becoming living soil, dirt turns to soil.


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