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Vol 1

Psuedoscience may now exit the stage, say hello to my little friend ” Audels Electric Library.” The doubts, the dependency of FB dribble and con artists can now be dispelled. If  you have nail, this book drops the hammer. You better hold on, and take this one slow because if you want to learn about electroculture, this is scripture. Imagine having prima facie that prevails the inquiry of all students. 

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Power Of Knowledge

Want that expert knowledge? Want to have the answers to everything, well it’s all here. Only thing missing is you!



Which way to wind what and why, where to put it and how to make it. All here. No more counting on anyone, this book is your go to. It’s information supercedes revisionism, despite my suspicion of an occultist publisher. We know their works now, one hand washes the other.

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