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Welcome FB Group Electroculture Advanced

To assure continuity of our group, to assist our members, and to facilitate for an environment for folks to grow in knowledge and in life. We are Team⚡Electro, welcome home family.

Gardners, Farmers, Growers is who we are.

Electroculture is in demand, and we are the supply team. Our group is going to be the hub for this technology and growing industry.Today we are just group members, tomorrow we will be industry captains.

Our Products

Electroculture Antennas

We are at the cutting edge of this technology, but we also value the proven. Currently, we are establishing our center of operations for fabrication and distribution.

Everyone Loves Electroculture

It’s taking the world by storm, and we are the messengers. This is the ground floor for anyone wishing to begin a new journey.

What We Do

We meet with farmers, gardeners, growers to educate and introduce electroculture to the public. We are the only team that will retail electroculture antennas with measurable output, DC and Scalar. Our unique methods, propriatory technology, will stand out above others. Every concept we introduce at this point is patentable, and completely unique to our organization. Our very mission is unlike any commercial enterprise of the old parasitic world. We are the new world.

We Are A Tight Community

We are the shephards of the less fortunate, we are our brothers keepers. Our collective presence, our unified mission, and our passion to achieve a prosperous future for humanity is going to make waves in agriculture.

Word Wide Support

We are a large family, and we leave no one behind. We will help you get started where ever you are.

High Demand

Everyone is talking about electroculture, become an expert.

Join Our Team

Our mission is to become the prominent force of electroculture as it hits mainstream. We want to educate, and develop life long relationships.

What are people saying?

“G’day everyone. New to this type of thing. Been using permaculture for several years. I was looking into electromagnetism and levitation when I came across it. This rod came from an antenna cable and was my first attempt. The broccoli behind it has 13 heads growing. Strawberries are fruiting much earlier than usual. Cauliflower seedlings tripled in size overnight. Radishes are going nuts. Garlic is 10 times bigger than usual. Fully grown celery has started growing bigger
I have other rods around different gardens and am experimenting with different antennae. I’m looking forward to seeing what this group offers for advice and suggestions, as I tend to give my excess produce away to friends, family, neighbours and those less fortunate than myself. Looks like I’ll be helping more people from now on with this method.”

Member Sign Up

This is the ground floor, limited room for initial sign up. Let’s fill up my email server and get this party started.

Team Electroculture Sign Up

You must confirm your sign up via the auto email, that is likely sitting in your spam folder. If you signed up, the confirmation email is there.

Jan Solej

Team Admin

Ema La Leona

Editing & Media Director

James Cassidy

Administrative Liason

Happy Members & Satisfied Customers

“Pyramids do work. This is a greenhouse I built in my yard in Canada. It is square, 9ft tall at the corners, much taller at the center, with a pyramid shape roof. It is oriented with the walls facing the 4 cardinal points. Plants grow huge in there with absolutely no effort from me.”

“The amount of encouragement by all from those in this group is awesome, and I say this because I’m a newby.
Can’t wait to gain the knowledge offered here and multiply my confidence in something I know little about!”

This Works! Amazing Results after 2 Weeks | Electroculture on Houseplants Update

If you build they will come..


That’s right, not made in China. We will build them, you can build them. DIY or work as a team! We’re going to cover every aspect every transaction in house. 

POS & Distribution

Our websites will have everything our team will ever need to complete a transaction, receive a contract, or begin an installation. 15  years in contract experience locally as well as UCC adherence.

Delivery & Installation

Service and Installation is where the bulk of team members compensation will be found. The PAE System and our many other products will require local installation and who better than the expert to assure it’s proper installation. You can do it, or higher a contractor, either way plenty of room for margins.

Get In Touch or Visit The Farm Anytime 

We are outside all day gardening, tending to animals, caring for our land. 

(973) 714-5972